How to keep the passion for your hobby after turning it into a business ~ Sarah Critchley, Biggy and Lou

Some people ask me lots of questions about running a business from home - It is a lot of peoples dream so along came this little passion project to start a little blog about the overall running of things. I will also be interviewing some other small businesses, brand reps and social media influencers on their experiences and what information they can pass on to you. 

Now is really the best time to start a small home business or if you are already established, I hope over the next few weeks we can inspire you through these tough and uncertain times. 


Lets just dive right on in! 

Blog Post #01 - Sarah Critchley from Biggy and Lou on How to keep the passion for your hobby after turning it into a Business. 


The first point I wanted to discuss was the part of making sure your hobby stays just that! Don’t let something you love doing become a chore with overdue orders, an inbox full of messages and the anxiety of it all weighing you down. 

If you are a handmade business, set REALISTIC goals of orders you think you can complete and only release enough spots for that. If you smash it out you can increase next time but you are not bogging yourself down with too much on your plate. 

I specifically make my store only ready to ship items. Yes that means that I have to store it all in my house (sorry husband!) but it also means when an order comes in I can pack and post straight away and work on restocking when I can. There is no rush and the amount of sales and money I make is then dictated by me - it is also good discipline to keep making and creating to keep restocking my shop. 

(literally the blend I use on myself every time I feel I need to restart!) 

You are starting your business because it is something you are passionate about and something you believe you can strive in. A hobby can become something amazing and you can share that love and excitement with your customers. Don’t lose this passion and excitement through stress and anxiety. 

Keep it simple, start small, connect with likeminded people, be open about the running processes with your customers - have a delay with orders? Let your social media platforms know and be honest. 


We all have our bad days, don’t sweat it! I have days where I could think of nothing worse than going in the office and working but remember, a full time job is only 5 days a week on average. If you are working on your small business 24/7 like me, it is ok to take a day off every now and then - in fact it is healthy! You will find when you walk back into that room the next day you will be full of love and ideas again and it will be like fireworks. 


The main point I am trying to make here is HAVE FUN! Make it yours, dictate your own schedule and do not lose the passion you started with. Start small and work your way up from there. 


Don’t lose sight of why you started in the first place! 

So I have a challenge for everyone who runs their own business or is about to start up ~ go and write down on a little piece of paper why you started this in the first place and how much you love doing what you are doing right now and keep it in a safe place. When the days seem tough and you can’t move past that negativity in your mind, pull this little piece of paper out and remember where the passion is.