The basics behind the Basic Bib

Bibs - they're not always cute, they can be a real pain to wash and fold but they're an absolute necessity for any teething or spewy babe. 


The first bibs I ever received were while I was pregnant with Louie and my Aunty made some for him (or it at the time). They were so sweet and she even made matching booties which I carefully placed in his cupboard ready to put little feet in them. 


Once little Lou was born and the teeth started wreaking havoc a few months later I quickly realised how many bibs I needed to have on hand! 


Now two kids later I honestly have more than you can poke a stick at - and still somehow can never find one when I really need it! 


But one thing that always bugged me about bibs were that you could never find pretty but practical ones. 

The pretty part consists of nice fabrics, cute but not OTT patterns, plain basic colours to go with anything. 


The practical? Well thats another story! 


BIG BIBS! Because they need to catch more than dribble - food, spew, snot - the lovely list goes on. Some bibs I have owned don't last longer than half an hour and they need replacing. 

WIDE NECK SPACE! Because not all babies have necks and we need to accommodate for that. And trust me, if these bibs can fit around Biggy's neck - ya good! 

VELCRO! A big old piece of velcro. Because kids pull on their bibs - nearly HANG off them and they need to stay on. Snap clasps break and pull fabric and they're hard to do up and get undone. Because us mamas usually have our hands full, you need to be able to do everything one handed... hell sometimes even with your teeth! 

TOWEL OR BASIC! Basic Bibs are backed with just basic white knit fabric. Because if you basically just need a bib they are breathable and light weight while still being absorbent. Towel Bibs are SUPER absorbent, reversible so when one side gets dirty just turn it over and will last for hours even with the dribbliest teething babe (dribbliest probably isn't a word but it works!). 


We have thought of everything with our design and concept. We only use a knit material on the front and back of our bibs so they're absorbent and unlike other general cotton bibs, don't LOOK wet all the time! 


And last but not least - they are a great price! Because you need 100 of them, they get stained so easily from food and they don't need to cost a bomb when they are such an essential part of our every day as a mum! 


We hope you love our Basic and Towel Bibs as much as we loved making them for you. 


Love B + L 

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