What are the real benefits of reusable breast pads?

If you breastfeed your baby for the first twelve months of their life, you can expect to use anywhere from 1000 to 2000 sets of breast pads - that is 2000 - 4000 little circles going to landfill from each nursing mother, each year.

what an impact! 

When I was breastfeeding my babes, the last thing on my mind was saving the plant and being eco friendly. I just wanted my boobs to stop hurting, my babe to stop crying and my letdown to stop staining my dang shirts! 
I was so worried about buying reusable nursing pads and not having the time to wash them "omg I can't keep up with washing my own clothes, how would I keep enough nursing pads clean?!". 
But then every time I would put a used set of pads in the bin, I would cringe! 

Have you ever copped a smell of a plastic, disposable breast pad after catching a big old let down and sitting in your bra for an hour or two? It is nearly as bad as the poo-nami in your babes nappy. 

And lastly - the other thing I could not stand.
Every time I went to feed I would have to pull my nursing pad out of my bra because with my breast feeding boobs I really had no room for anything else in there! And I hated getting out a dirty, stinky, ugly old plastic breast pad. 

So - when I sat down and thought "I want to start a business" what do you thing sprung to mind as my focus product? 

So what makes Biggy and Lou's Reusable Bamboo Breast Pads the best you will ever use?

And I say the best you will ever use with confidence! 
We have designed and made these for the Modern Mama - who needs something more! 

#1 - We have shaped these to mould your breast. They will sit nice and snug and will be suitable for all sized mamas. 

#2 - The patterned side of the Breast Pad goes against your breast - so you will never have to worry about the patterns being seen through your clothes. The beautiful fabrics are there as a little something for mama - and if you are a little un-co like me and have to pull your breast pad out when feeding, you can rock a pretty pattern. 

#3 - We have a waterproof backing on the bra side of your breast pads. This will catch anything from a little leak to an overnight let down and help make sure you do not stain those oh so expensive feeding shirts (because those babies are not cheap!) 

#4 - We use a modern cotton material on the breast side and the filling and backing are made with 100% bamboo material. This ensures your nipples and breasts can BREATHE and will help reduce nipple irritation. 

#5 - They are actually really easy to wash and keep stocked up! 

#6 - Our breast pads are made 100% chemical and nasty free so they are safe for you and your babes. 

#7 - They are handmade - and they are handmade with love! We have put a lot of thought and consideration into the design of this product (as we have with all of our products). 

One last note (if you have made it this far!) - Breastfeeding is not always a beautiful and connecting time. We hope that the pretty designs and soft beautiful fabrics can help make your feeding journey a little bit sweeter. 

Care guide: Simply throw in a wash bag and into the washing machine. If you’re using the dryer use a gentle setting. Do not use stain removal products on waterproof outer side. 

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