I am a mum, a wife, a goal achiever, a believer ~ but most of all, I am a dreamer.  

I strive for quality, handmade goods that are affordable and available for everyone

Most small businesses start of as a dream - a dream which you pour in endless hours, tears, self doubt; and my dream is no different. 

My Mum and I started on this journey together when I unwrapped my first sewing machine one Christmas morning. 

"Now you can make Louie bibs and clothes yourself!" my Mum joked - but little did she know her gift would turn into her still making bibs and more for others! 

I have two kids under two and know the daily struggles of Motherhood as good as anyone - It is a hard, sometimes lonely, sometimes thankless job. But it is also comes with the most heart warming, unconditional love that our souls are able to feel.  

My mission is to help other Mothers with practical bibs to catch the dribble, soft and absorbent breast pads because your poor nipples deserve it, reliable dummy clips because there is nothing worse than having to lick a dummy that has hit the floor before giving it back to your babe. 

Since starting Biggy and Lou is 2019 we have grown from having just handmade goods and Dummies to now stocking Nationally recognised and loved brands. Your constant support and love warms our hearts more than you will ever know!  

Thank you for supporting our dream...