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Rollin' With My Homies

Rollin' With My Homies

Dough My Dear
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If you’re keen to get your littlest family members into the kitchen – or you’re looking for a safe and less messy way to roll out your kids’ play dough – consider a mini wooden rolling pin from our range.

Designed for little fingers with our innovative range  in mind, our family-focused accessories are fun and can be used by all ages. Our mini pins are completely toxin-free, made with wood and coated in beeswax to ensure that everything offered by our brand is kid-safe.

We pride ourselves on our values of sustainability, high-quality and harm-free ingredients, pairing these elements with our play things. With these principles in mind, our child-friendly accessories have been designed to help keep your little ones entertained.

Our dough is made with edible ingredients (not that we recommend eating it anyway – but we understand small curious minds mean it happens).


Whether you’re introducing your children to basic kitchen skills or helping them learn hands-on, we understand the importance of your young ones having their own ‘equipment’ catered just for them.

Small in size but big in imagination, we hope your family has as much fun rolling out dough, pies, pastries and crafts as we do.

Designed and made in Australia, the Dough My Dear family has tried and tested every product with our own children to ensure safety and bucket loads of fun.

Ready to get hands-on? Help your children learn, grow and experiment with their own mini kitchen and play tools today.