Toothy Pegs

Toothy Pegs

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Toothy Pegs

One of the worst parts of being a baby - the dang teeth popping through and wreaking havoc on day sleeps, night sleeps, feeding… Just about everything. 

To help relieve the pain of teething for your babe rub this roller down their cheeks/along gum line and behind the ears. 


German Chamomile, Lavender and Fractioned Coconut Oil. 


Rub down cheeks/along gum line and behind the ears as needed. 

*** Please note that I am not a trained health professional. Please consult your doctor before use and if any issues arise while using our Essential Oils. Please do a skin test on all person/s (adults and children) before using our Essential Oils to ensure that there is no reaction. If a reaction occurs stop use immediately and contact your doctor. ***